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hiroyuki moriyama architect and associates Inc,



敷   地:東京都世田谷区弦巻
用   途:個人住宅
構   造:鉄筋コンクリート造
床 面 積 :約275㎡


Renovation work in Sakura-shinmachi

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Location:Tsurumaki, Setagaya-ward, Tokyo
Use:Private house
Structure:Reinforced concrete
Total floor space:275sqm

Renovation work on a private house that was built 30 years ago.
In addition to a full renovation of the interior and facilities, we also carried out an exterior renovation plan in response to the client's request to paint the existing exterior walls, which were tiled.
Due to the large floor area and budgetary constraints, in principle the reinforced concrete structural frame was not touched, and the plan focused on interior materials and some floor plan changes.
An inspection revealed that the waterproofing on the roof had deteriorated, so we also planned waterproofing repairs.