hmaa   株式会社森山博之設計事務所
hiroyuki moriyama architect and associates Inc,



敷   地:岡山県津山市
用   途:社員寮
床面積  :1,370㎡
構    造:在来木造 地上2階、地下0階
竣 工 年 :2019年10月





<Company dormitory in Tsuyama>

A company dormitory with 29 rooms to be built in Tsuyama City, Okayama Prefecture.
In addition to private rooms, it contains training facilities, recreational space, etc.

The area surrounding the dormitory is a mixture of agricultural, residential, and industrial properties. Many streets and irrigation canals are arranged in a checkerboard pattern, which are said to be the remnants of Jori-sei (an ancient land allotting system prevalent in the 8th century with a grid pitch of 108m according to the official municipal history book).

The building is designed to secure privacy while encouraging interaction among tenants by adjoining a toilet and bathroom to each room and placing other functions in common areas.

In addition, a semi-private area, where personal items can be stored, is provided adjacent to the dwelling units that operates as an extension of private rooms to create a gradual transition between the private and common areas. This area also includes the kitchen, wash basin, etc., to be shared by the tenants.

The exterior common areas, such as the yard and the light court in front of the private rooms, are designed in terms of functionality and scale to accommodate various daily activities and also to maintain continuity with the common space in the interior.

< data sheet >
Architect:hiroyuki moriyama architect and associates Inc.
Location:Tsuyama-city,Okayama prefecture
Use:company dormitory
Structure:timber 2-story
Total floor space:1370sqm